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YES WE DO …  Google rightly brought you here as we are one of the last surviving companies that still specialize in the repair of all types of TURNTABLES

Brothers Andrew & David (Each with over 30 years experience), & Ashley are experts in the REPAIR, RENOVATION and MODIFICATION of all types of Turntables. We have Full workshop facilities on the premises. We don’t send anything away.

Manufacturers SERVICE AGENTS for Project  & Thoren’s & an Ortofon cartridge centre of excellence.

We can repair any Turntable or old record player. We can modify and upgrade your deck, with new tonearms, cartridges etc.

We have lots of new and used cartridges and stylii.. Basic Cartridge and tonearm setup from £10

We can fit your own tonearm and perform manufacturer upgrades/ re-wiring arms etc…just ask for a quote.

Workshop time is just £30/hr….A basic service and setup on a turntable takes from around an hour , so typically just £30-£40.

Well we have Decades of experience on  …..  JVC, Roksan, Linn, Systemdek, Rega, Ariston, Thorens, Musical Fidelity, Project, Dual, Denon, Michell, Technics,  Chord, Akai, Pioneer, Hitachi, Sony, Sanyo & Marantz to name just a few…

We have vast experience on the Japanese 1970’s /80’s decks and most English models 60’s, – 90’s.
We will attempt repairs to all makes of Turntables and have a very good success rate… even though most spares are unavailable…That doesn’t stop us having a go, as we have shelves full of used parts to help us complete a job and engineering facilities to turn parts if necessary. By all means contact us for advice as I’m sure we will have seen your make & model before and will know all its common problems.

MOST DECKS ARE TOO FRAGILE TO POST ! If you can’t get it here yourself…look at our collection service.

We are ever so friendly and happy to discuss whatever it is that needs fixing….just look at our many Google & Facebook 5* reviews.

So Click Here to Email us with your enquiry

Or Text us on 07400 329983

Keep reading for lots of useful info on all types of Turntables

Please bear in mind that due to the age of many of these old decks, original spares are rarely available, so it may not always be possible to effect a perfect repair, however we have 30 years worth of collecting old panels & parts, so can usually effect a repair and are certainly always happy to have a try. With access to lathes, workshops and a 3D printer, we have often manufactured parts to enable us to complete a repair. Electrical components are generally all still available and of course there are often upgrade options available…especially with Capacitors.

Although the following is not a complete list of all turntables, we include it here as the most common problems we see, and to help you decide if it’s worth you bringing a deck in to us, what might be needed and the sort of cost it will be…
Many of our customers are now coming the length of the country to bring us repairs and we’re only too happy to discuss your deck with you beforehand….generally customers treasure their old deck and we do too, having a passion for all things analogue (& CD).

We are not Linn main dealers, but we have a lot of experience on the Linn LP12 ,  Linn Axis & Linn Basik, particularly their power supply problems

The Axis , LP12 Valhalla and Hercules power supplies at this age are starting to become unreliable, but can sensibly be partly re-componented. Most cases just require replacing the 400 volt electrolytic capacitors, but other damage can occur with old/leaky caps, so its well worth us replacing all the small ones too. Be careful if you decide to try this yourself as the component legs are soldered in very tight and its easy to pull off the copper track as you unsolder them..plus the green fibreglass boards soak heat away fast making it a specialist soldering job. Check my Linn page for more detailed info on this..

Click here for my Linn info page

REGA Planar 3. Motor problems aren’t normally the motor, so give us a call..

Ariston Q deck.

Thorens TD124, TD125 TD150 TD160 TD166. As Thorens dealers we have extensive knowledge on all their models. There are limited original spares available, but a healthy quantity of used parts turn up on Ebay, so most decks can be got going again. Old TD124 with seized motors and mechanical can be restored, as can the low voltage supply circuit board on the TD125. Just watch out for motors on the TD160 series. The shafts can ‘banana’ with age, making the pulley wobble… not all motors do it, and there’s no fix other than a new(used) motor..

Goldring Lenco L72 L75 L78..we can repair all of these. Arm problems are the norm on these deck. The small rubber V bearings harden and disintegrate with age. Not cheap, but new ones are available.

DUAL 504, 505 505ii 604 606 etc…turntable mechanisms and motors can give trouble. We keep a good selection of spares and can usually economically sort these out. A service is from £30. If you have an older fully auto deck that isn’t working, we can always get this going. They have a weird rubber friction device (a steuerpimpel) that disintegrates and thus stops the automatics from working.

Japanese 1970’s & 80’s Turntables.
We love these, and all were beautifully engineered.. It’s our speciality.. Japanese decks have long been a passion of ours as we grew up seeing them on sale in our Dads Hi-Fi shop. Most diagrams are available, the decks were well engineered and although complicated, are generally very reliable. As such, faults are always weird, but we just love working on these decks, so will often charge less than the number of hours actually taken to find the cause. Most are suffering from not being used for a number of years, with capacitors being the most common failures. Many used fancy direct drive motors, which are generally all still working, but their electronic drive boards are now showing signs of age. 99% success rate on these, so well worth letting us have a look.

Technics SL1210, SL1200 SL120 etc. A service on any of these popular decks will be £30-£40. No major component issues as these Jap units are pretty bulletproof other than leaky old electrolytics. New arm rests and sliders are available as are arms, so most can be sorted. With the new 1210 being £1300, its well worth keeping the older ones going as they’re worth much more now.

JVC turntables inc TT101, QL10, QLY3F, QLY5F, QLA7. As a long time JVC dealer we have manuals and a lot of experience on their decks, so can usually effect a sensible priced repair. Many of these we have in our JVC museum, so comparison can be made if there’s a strange fault.

Aiwa, Pioneer, Hitachi, Akai, Sony etc... Happy to repair any model from the basic midi system ones right up to the top end linear models etc. There are many ardent collectors of these old decks, who like ourselves have a passion for them… Always happy to speak to other collectors and offer advice on any faults you’ve got.

Project Debut repairs / setup. Usually very reliable these decks, but motors are starting to fail now.. symptoms will be a lot of noise, or wanting to go backwards, or no rotation. Some are 240volt others 16volt, but the cure is the same. A new motor will be just under £80. Speedboxes (& phonostages) are also becoming unreliable especially if they’ve been left powered up for years. Most we can fix.

Old Record player repairs…

All-in-one Record players like the Dansette, ITT, Ultra, Grundig, HMV, Hacker, Collaro, Amphion etc. are becoming very popular again. Some are transistor , others valve amplifiers. We see & renovate a lot of these now. The mechanisms seize up with age… We can almost always sort these out, so we can get everything back working on the automatic stop/start. We also have lots of old cartridges etc, so where the original is missing or broken, we can fit an authentic replacement. PLEASE NOTE…A 50 year old mass produced record player although fantastic for a teenager in their bedroom in the 60’s, now sounds rather dated compared to more modern decks, with wow , buzzes and rumbles etc……So PLEASE be realistic on what level of repair/renovation it’s possible to achieve and how good it will sound when finished….As a family heirloom, you’ll just be happy to get it going again no doubt, but if you really want to hear the full quality that is still on the old vinyl records, maybe consider getting something better?.

Difficult to give prices to restore these old players as 20+ years of lying in a loft creates a lot of work….. A basic service would be £30, but you can imagine sometimes we can easily spend a whole day fiddling with all manner of awkward problems…so we generally have an upper limit of £100 labour, no matter how long we spend…(days sometimes ! to get something back to running order)
Restored and in good condition, these players are fetching good money on Ebay, and won’t go down in value, so normally worth spending money on.

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